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Bringing together the relaxing atmosphere of an outer suburb café and the mouth-watering menu from an inner city restaurant . Combining the art of a good cup of coffee and the skill set of aging & cooking a premium steak, this is where your heart and tongue will melt from the taste of delicacy. We are group of passionate connoisseur who have dedicated their lives' greatest learning and experiences gathered from working in this industry for years. We offer nothing but the best.



At Elements Espresso Bar, we offer a hearty menu celebrating the finest produce and the best cooking techniques, complimented by a relaxing, welcoming vibe, with three separate seating areas for you to sit back and enjoy. Coffee is our specialty, featuring various flavours, taste and freshness. But our commitment to awe-inspiring cuisine extends into every meal we prepare.


As lovers of flavour, our experienced culinary team has developed dishes to excite the taste buds, from breakfast through to dinner, it is a combination of fine food and palate with enough options to have you coming back for more!

At Elements Espresso Bar, we are connoisseurs of coffee, experts on taste, and masters of impeccable service. So, come spend your morning, afternoon or evening at our wholesome venue.


We have created an easy ordering system for everyone to enjoy top-rated restaurant quality food in the comfort of your own home. Order now and enjoy delicious meals from Elements Espresso Bar during this lockdown. Available for pick-up and delivery.

Check our smoked charcoal wagyu burgers

Treat yourself to our signature burger that took Sydney by storm, perfected by our city restaurant Elements Bar and Grill and refined by our chefs behind the Elements Espresso Bar menu. Our charcoal buns are made with burnt coconut husk and 30% extra butter to give you ultimate combination of texture and flavor. We serve a massive 250gm patty for extra juiciness. All of our patties are made with top quality meat, grinded in house with our special seasoning.

To complete the experience, all burgers are smoked with hickory inside a glass dome to mesmerize all your visual and olfactory senses and tantalize your taste buds. It adds deep smokey flavors to the burger and also adds a bit of theatrics to your table.

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Purchase Gift Vouchers for your loved ones and send it to them in no time. Elements Gift Vouchers come in different prices catered to your budget. You can put smiles to their faces like anything and rest assured we will take very good care of them while they come here to dine with u, redeemable at any of our Australian locations.

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Elements is first and foremost a family, with every member of the team giving their best efforts to provide our guests & clients the experience they desire, across any of our ventures.

The team behind Elements Group is united by a passion for creating memorable experiences through our eye for quality, knowledge of our industries and determination to deliver. We believe in the essence of hospitality – of providing a welcoming, wholesome and passionate service, with a touch of class across all of our companies.

And yes, we have credentials - runs on the board as hospitality veterans and event managers, but ultimately the dining & events journey is about the guests, not the host’s lengthy resume.



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Dry Aged Wagyu Charcoal Burgers

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